Pfun Tri Series

Introducing a new event series for 2016!

And new individual events!

Multisport Endurance Events, LLC is excited to produce the new Pflugerville Youth Tri Series, the "Pfun Tri Series"! This new series of youth events is made up of three races, each of which can be raced individually, or as part of the series.
All athletes registering for the series will be eligible for the point series winners' awards.

To be eligible for the Series Championship, athletes must compete in all three of the races. A points system per race will be used to determine our male and female champions in the two age groups.
Example: Race 1 - 10 male, 12 female participants
First place male finisher will accumulate 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, etc.
First place female finisher will accumulate 12 points, 2nd place 11 points, etc.
Same points accumulation will occur for Race #2 and Race #3.
Championship is determined by highest points. In case of a tie, final placement in Race #3 will determine champion.

Pfun Tri - Windermere

The first of the three events, to be held in Windermere Park, this race consists of a pool swim, a bike ride on a paved trail, and a run also on the paved trail, all of which is closed to vehicular traffic.

Windermere Race Finish Results

Athletes and parents - I want to thank you all for being part of this race!
To see the results of the race, CLICK HERE.

Windermere Race Details

Race Distances Age 7-10:

  • Swim: 100 meters
  • Bike: 1.4 miles
  • Run: 1/2 mile

Race Distances Age 11-15:

  • Swim: 200 meters
  • Bike: 2.8 miles
  • Run: 1 mile

When: Saturday, May 7, 2016
Where: Windermere Park, Pflugerville, TX
Packet Pickup/Transition Opens: 6:30am
Start Time: 8:30am

Windermere Course Maps


Pfun Tri - 2016 USAT Splash and Dash

The second in the series is the 2016 USA Triathlon Splash and Dash for Texas, held right here in Pflugerville! This new youth race has been added as part of the Lake Pflugerville Triathlon weekend in June, and adds to the triathlon's 10th anniversary celebration. Held the weekend of Father's Day (June 19, 2016), this race offers our youth the opportunity to participate in a race event the same weekend as Mom and Dad!

What is a Splash & Dash?

A Splash and Dash is a fun and fast-growing sport that combines running and swimming. The swim in our case will take place parallel to the beach on the north side of the lake. The run will take place on the trail around Lake Pflugerville.

What is the concept?

The USA Triathlon Youth Splash and Dash Aquathlon Series is returning for its third year and is open to athletes ages 7-15. There will be forty five (45) events in total with events in each of the ten (10) USA Triathlon regions. The focus is on PARTICIPATION rather than competition. The series will expose youth participants to USA Triathlon and the exciting world of multisport! All events within the series will be USA Triathlon sanctioned.

Make this a family weekend!
Mom, Dad and the older siblings can participate in the Lake Pflugerville Sprint Tri on Sunday, after the younger athletes race Saturday. After Sunday's race, the entire family can get their finisher's photo at the finish line with their finisher medals!

Splash and Dash Race Details

For the younger group (ages 7-10):

  • The swim is 100 meters (across the swim area, and back one time)
  • The run is 1K, one out-and-back from the transition area toward the dam

For the older group (ages 11-15):

  • The swim is 200 meters (across the swim area, and back two times)
  • The run is 2K, one out-and-back from the transition area over the dam

When: Saturday, June 18, 2016
Where: Lake Pflugerville, North Beach Pavilion
Transition Opens: 7:30am
Start Time: 9:00am

Splash and Dash Course Map

As you can see, the swim is parallel to the beach, and the run will be on the crushed gravel trail, which is closed to any vehicular traffic.



Pfun Tri - Gilleland Park

The last of the three events, to be held in Gilleland Creek Park, this race is similar to the Windermere event, in that it consists of a pool swim, but with a bike ride on a closed road and a run on a paved trail, all of which is closed to vehicular traffic.

Gilleland Race Details

Race Distances - Rookies (our youngest athletes <7):

  • Swim: 25 meters
  • Bike: 3 K (approx. 1.9 miles)
  • Run: 1 K (approx. .6 miles)

Race Distances Age 7-10:

  • Swim: 100 meters
  • Bike: 3 K (approx. 1.9 miles)
  • Run: 1 K (approx. .6 miles)

Race Distances Age 11-15:

  • Swim: 200 meters
  • Bike: 6 K (approx. 3.7 miles)
  • Run: 2 K (approx. 1.2 miles)

When: Saturday, September 10, 2016
Where: Gilleland Creek Park, Pflugerville, TX
Packet Pickup/Transition Opens: 6:30am
Start Time: 8:30am

Gilleland Course Maps



You can choose to register for an individual event, or for much more fun (and a discount), register for the series!

Registration for the Windermere event or the Gilleland event is $40 per event.
Registration for the Splash and Dash by itself is $30.

To register for the complete series, the entry fee is $100, a $10 discount from the single-race registrations!

To register, either click the button below, or click on "Register" at the top of this page.

Register Button


Refund Policy

Registration fees are non-refundable, unless a race is cancelled by the Race Director for non-weather issues. Mother Nature being who she is, the event will go on, rain or shine. We will delay the start should there be lightning in the area.


Can I Participate?

Absolutely! If you (or your child) are age 7 to 15 (determined as of the end of the race year 12-31-2016, NOT race day) and have a USA Triathlon annual youth membership, you are eligible to take part in the fun and exciting multisport series! Be prepared for a great experience, bring a positive attitude, and be ready to learn firsthand about multisport!


No USAT Membership?

Prior to the event, be sure to purchase your Youth Annual Membership which includes a wealth of benefits! You are also able to register for a youth membership at the time of race registration.

Beginning in 2016, USA Triathlon will offer Youth Annual Memberships at a cost of $10. Youth one-day memberships are no longer available.

You can register with USA Triathlon by clicking here.